Do’s and Do not’s for Cosmetic Surgery

Natural Looks VS. Obvious Surgery

Have you ever wondered if you’re missing out on some “big fish” because some hotty got liposuction in San Diego? Then went to the beach for a golden brown tan so she could get that perfect Facebook profile pic? What a bummer to be wondering if it was just looks that she used to grab the attention instead of you. Well, I want to give you some tips on your journey to see if getting some work done is right for you.

Big Lips and Big Hips – A Look at Botox

You might want both, or you may want to reduce either. The truth is that many guys look for different things in women. Before thinking of getting some cosmetic work done on your body, you need to take in to consideration that the bate you use to “catch men” is the same bate you’ll have to keep using to keep them interested. If you’re convinced that the right relationship has evaded you because you don’t have that hot San Diego botox look, then you may want to reconsider which pond you’re fishing in.

Keep it Natural Looking

Before you finally make the decision to alter your looks, be sure you keep it natural looking. All to often, many ladies look at other women and think that she’s beautiful, but many men might think the exact opposite. Large lips are beautiful if they’re not too obviously the result of cosmetic surgery. You might try a smaller scale before going all out on a full surgery. Also, when considering a lipo treatment, you might want to be sure you’re going to be somewhat toned underneath. And nothing replaces good fitness and exercise. “Nobody can do your pushups for you” is a great quote to live by when thinking of improving your self image. So what are you going to do?

Natural Looking - slightly modified cosmetic surgery

Natural Looking – slightly modified cosmetic surgery

How Dating is Like Marketing

Dating is like Marketing

Take some notes from the best marketer in San Diego @ When you’re on the dating scene, there are some simple tricks you can use to make yourself stand out from the crowd – whether you’re a man or woman. In breakthrough marketing, it’s a good idea to differentiate yourself from the crowd by the way you look, your unique offering, your branding, web presence or methodologies. One or all of these can help you the “brand” yourself on the dating scene. All of these together are how dating is like marketing.

Cosmetics is like a Logo

People seem to be more concerned about their looks than anything else while in the dating scene. This is very important to be sure. But what are you hoping to get out of your dating journey? Is it marriage & a family? Or is it just to have a good time? Depending on this should help you with the next part of the equation. You could go get cosmetic laser surgery to improve on your looks, just like improving on your logo. You could go to the gym and get your muscles toned – especially for the summer months coming up!

Personality is like Branding

The hook for most people is usually the logo, or your outward appearance. But the success of a dating is not based on your looks, just like the success of a business is not based on the logo alone. People do business with people they like. And people who date, even for just a short time, will begin to tell if they’re in a long-term relationship or not. Any dating guru will give you that nugget. So what kind of personality do you have? Have you ever noticed that people who couldn’t really rely on their looks in life end up developing great personalities? That’s why you often see a beautiful woman with an average or nerdy looking guy and vice-versa. That guy has developed a personality that makes his woman feel good about herself when they’re together. And the same can be said of women.

While we could go on about all the similarities between dating and marketing in this post, you’ll have to come back later when we’ll pick up this topic again. In the meantime, if you’d like to get more pointers on dating, visit one of Oceanside’s marketing companies to gain more intelligence on dating – from a marketing paradigm.

Good Marketing Trumps Good Looks Alone.

Good Marketing Trumps Good Looks Alone