Bringing Sexy to your Bedroom & Home with Decals

Wall Decals and Stickers to Spice Up your Living Spaces

If you’ve ever wondered how to handle that blank wall in your bedroom, kitchen or living room, there are always cool ways to deal with it. One of my recent favorites is to go online and buy wall decal stickers to fill that space. Here is a cool video showing exactly how to apply kids wall decals.

The interesting thing about using decals is that they actually make use of your blank space as part of the overall canvas, so the entire wall becomes a piece of the artwork not just the decal itself. Consider a painting inside of a frame – that frame is the definitive beginning and end of the art space and can only be considered to cover as much space as the frame. But with a decal, I have found that the only frame you have is the ceiling, floor, and two corners on either side of the wall where you apply the decal, pretty awesome! Check them out here!