Dating and Being Sexy With Braces

Cute BracesSo there are a ton of ladies out there who are embarrassed to go out on a date with a new guy because they might have just had braces put on. Well, this is one of the main things that has people caught in a quandary between working on their looks while still having a life. The time you have braces on – a year or two or three can always seem like a decade but in the end it’s always better for you.

Working With Your Orthodontist and Bringing Sexy Back

Having braces doesn’t have to be something you hide or are embarrassed about. In fact, this is one of the main things that ladies can actually work with their outfit, especially with aesthetic braces – makeup and overall personality. Instead of hiding the obvious – in which case you’re only fooling yourself with fake smiles that have your lips trying to cover your braces, smile big and be proud you have them. There are way too many options for cute brackets on your teeth these days that can enable you to be cute while having braces. Your Chicago orthodontist, or my oral hygienist has helped me to get super cute braces that are barely noticeable so it’s not an excuse for me to stay introverted during my entire braces timeline.

Making your Orthodontics work with your personality

You can still be yourself with braces. This is one of the things that ladies think slows them down because they get some kind of a speech impediment so all that means is you talk a little slower – which might help you if you have a tendency to put your foot in your mouth! So go out there and be a confident woman, full of life and hopeful expectations about your new look and what you’re going to be like after the braces come off. Heck, start living today and feeling the same way you will once you have them off! Finding a good orthodontist is easy if you have some good reviews, here’s a braces doctor review that you can take to the bank!